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  1. questionCan I pick up my Financial Aid refund check?
    No. Starting Spring 2012 all financial aid refunds will be processed through the MyFTCCCard. Paper checks will no longer be processed for financial aid disbursements through Fayetteville Technical Community College. For more information on the MyFTCC Card please click here.
  2. questionWhat is HigherOne?
    Fayetteville Technical Community College has partnered with Higher One, a financial services company focused solely on higher education, to offer faster delivery of refunds to students. Higher One will help bring this method for receiving refunds via the myFTCCCard Debit MasterCard. The myFTCCC ...
  3. questionI forgot my password for the MyFTCCCard website. How can I get a new one?
    Click on “Reset Password” on the student website. First provide email address. Students will be prompted to enter card number, security code, DOB, SSN, ZIP.
  4. questionI forgot my PIN number. How can I reset it?
    For security reasons, FTCC nor the HigherOne company that handles the MyFTCCCard, doesn't have access to the PIN you created during the selection of your refund preference. But not to worry, to reset your PIN simply: Log in To Your Profile. Under the "User Profile" tab, click on "Password/PI ...
  5. questionIf I use MyFTCCCard at another bank's ATM, what are the applicable fees?
    $3.00 from Higher One currently, plus what the ATM might charge… (be sure to check the fee schedule online too)
  6. questionI lost MyFTCCCard but have to pay my cell phone bill, what options can I use to pay the bill without having access to the card.
    a. Send a personal check from your OneAccount = Free b. Use online billpay = Free c. Initiate an ACH Transfer (if available from the merchant)
  7. questionWhy does Higher One place maximum daily spending limits on the MyFTCCCard?
    To protect against fraudulent use of the account.
  8. questionHow do I update my address for the "MyFTCC" card?
    There are several ways that you can update your address for the "My FTCC" card. Visit your student web-advisor account, click on the change address link, complete the form and hit the submit button. Or, go to one-stop located in the Tony Rand student center and request an address change form, ...
  9. question"I haven't received my card yet, do you know when I should expect it to arrive?" How can I find the answer?
    You can click “Where’s My Card” feature to find out the delivery status of your MyFTCCCard.
  10. questionWhat is the cost associated with transferring money from OneAccount to OneAccount?
    Nothing, it’s free, and the transfer is immediate!
  11. questionWhat is the maximum daily spending limit for the MyFTCCCard using Swipe & Sign?
    $2,500 – the student may contact customer service to request an increase to this amount.
  12. questionWhat is the maximum amount of money that can be withdrawn by a student from an ATM in one day using the MyFTCCCard?
    $500.00 (pin-based total)
  13. questionHow do I request a MyFTCCCard
    Cards will be automatically mailed to all new curriculum students after they register for their first class. This card will be used for the entire time the student is enrolled at FTCC.
  14. questionHow do I make my refund preference for the MyFTCCCard?
    To make your refund preference you will first need to log into the HigherOne Website by Clicking here and by following one of the options below: If you have not registered with the HigherOne Website (you must have your FTCC card available): -Click On "Get Started". Enter the number on the fro ...
  15. questionI am unable to use the HigherOne ATM on campus because it is out of service what do I do?
    Higher One commits to having an in-service ATM at all times on campus. If all Higher One/OneAccount ATMs on campus are not in service at the same time, then Higher One will refund surcharges by other bank ATMs and their foreign ATM transaction fees up to a total of $5.00 per person per day. Any ...
  16. questionHow do I purchase books with MyFTCCCard?
    You must have funds available on your MyFTCCCard to be able to use the card. Please remember funds are not placed on your MyFTCCCard until a scheduled disbursement occurs during a semester. Once funds are on your MyFTCCCard you will have the transaction ran as a "credit" transaction to purcha ...
  17. questionI just registered, when will I get MyFTCCCard?
    Cards will begin shipping 30 days prior to a new semester for new students who registered earlier than 30 days before the start of a semester. Cards will be mailed to new students once they register if they register within 30 days of the beginning of a semester. Please allow at least two we ...
  18. questionIf I am using MyFTCCCArd at a HigherOne ATM machine will I be charged a fee?
    There is no fee for using your MyFTCCCard at a Higher One ATM. However, fees do apply if you use a non-Higher One ATM. Please login to your Higher One account for a list of applicable fees.
  19. questionWhere are the HigherOne ATM machines located?
    FTCC has Higher One ATMs located in the Horace Sisk and General Classroom Buildings on the main campus and in the atrium at our Spring Lake campus.
  20. questionHow do I avoid being charged a fee when using MyFTCCCard?
    The OneAccount is designed to be used for free. If you choose credit to Swipe and Sign - you’ll avoid future pin-based transactions fees The MasterCard Zero Liability policy does not cover pin-based transactions.
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