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  1. questionWhat is the cost associated with transferring money from OneAccount to OneAccount?
    Nothing, it’s free, and the transfer is immediate!
  2. questionWhat is the MyFTCCCard for?
    Your new MyFTCCCard is the key to selecting your refund preference. Activating it lets Fayetteville Technical Community College know how you would like to receive your refunds, so don't delay. When presented with your refund preferences in activation, you may choose to open the OneAccount, an FD ...
  3. questionDo I have to keep the MyFTCCCard if I don't open up the OneAccount?
    If you choose to not open the OneAccount, it is still a good idea to hold the card in case you want to change your refund preference.
  4. questionI owe my friend money, and he has a OneAccount. How can I pay him?
    You can pay him by using the “Transfer Money” feature online. There is no charge and it is real time. Both the sender and recipient will receive an email once the transfer has been made.
  5. questionWill the change to my refund preference affect my current refund?
    That depends on whether or not the refund has disbursed. If it is still pending delivery, the change may go into effect.
  6. questionHow much does it cost to change my refund preference?
    Nothing. It's free.
  7. questionIf I wanted to deposit money into my OneAccount (MyFTCCCard), where can I print a deposit slip?
    Deposit Slips can also be printed online and are pre-filled with the student’s information (in detail: login to Student website>Customer Service>Service Requests>Print Deposit Slip (or can be found in the OneAccount menu under Deposit or OneAccount Statement)
  8. questionWhy is the MasterCard Brand Mark on my new MyFTCCCard?
    The MyFTCCCard can be used to make purchases wherever Debit MasterCard is accepted. It is important to note that the MyFTCCCard is NOT A CREDIT CARD, but rather a DEBIT CARD backed by the purchasing power of the MasterCard network.
  9. questionWhat are the advantages of having my refunds deposited directly to my OneAccount?
    Depositing your refund to the OneAccount and selecting an Easy Refund is the quickest way to gain access to your refund money. The myFTCCCard is NOT A CREDIT CARD. However you can use it for purchases at all participating merchants that accept Debit MasterCard, get cash at ATMs, pay bills and m ...