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Why do I have a business office hold on my account?

A business office hold is placed on a student's account due to an outstanding balance. This hold will essentially freeze the student's account preventing registration of additional classes, transcript requests, graduation application, etc.

There are many reasons a student may have a hold placed on their account, such as;

A Tuition, Fee, and/or Bookstore balance from the current or previous semesters

Students that completely withdraw from their classes, using financial aid, could be charged back the unearned portions of their aid. This will create a debt on the account which will create a business office hold

A Returned Check that is unpaid

A Short Term Loan that is unpaid

Library and/or Parking Violation Fine(s)

Current Students are able to pay their Tuition, Fees, and/or Bookstore charge via WebAdvisor. To make a payment through WebAdvisor click here.

You will then click the Students Box. Log In. Click "Make a Payment". After making your payment you can contact the cashier's office to request the hold to be lifted. (WebAdvisor payments can only be made by Mastercard, Visa or Discover)

If you are not a current student, can not access your WebAdvisor account, or if you would like an explanation of your balance please contact the business office in the Thomas McLean Administration building for information.

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