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I have a third party paying for my tuition. What do I do?

If you have a third party that requires the student to submit an authorization to the business office, then you will need to file the authorization with the appropriate office by the payment deadline.  


As a reminder, an authorization can be sent directly to the third party billing office and possibly hold the student's classes.  Don't become a "No Show".  It is the student's responsibility to drop their courses prior to the first day of the term to ensure they are not charged for their courses. 


Third party authorization forms for curriculum courses should be filed with the Loans and Grants office Room 109, located in the Thomas McLean Administration Building.

Third party authorization forms for continuing education courses should be filed with the Cashier's office, located in the Neill Currie Building.

MyCAA third party authorization forms for curriculum courses should be filed with the Spring Lake Cashier's Office or on Main Campus at the Cashier's Office Room 107, located in the Thomas McLean Administration Building.

MyCAA third party authorization forms for continuing education courses should be filed with the Cashier's Office, located in the Neill Currie Building.


For contact information on who handles your third party authorization go to Third Party Contact.

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